With over 20 years of experience working with school-age children through young adults, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a genuine love for my job to Seacoast Speech & Language. I work closely with my clients and their families to understand the whole context and use a person-centered approach to determine achievable goals that will lead to tangible results. Through positive, fun interactions we will target identified areas of need, and along the way build confidence and develop self-awareness and self-advocacy skills. Read more here. 

Speech and Language Therapy

Comprehensive evaluations

Personalized treatment plans 

Articulation and language therapy

Therapy for reading disorders such as dyslexia

Collaboration with other professionals on your child's team

Social Skills Therapy

Social communication skills therapy and evaluations

Trained in Social Thinking, an evidence-based social communication program 

Therapy for peer interactions,  flexibility of thinking, understanding expected and unexpected behavior, problem-solving , etc.

Executive Function Skills Therapy

Support for executive function skill development

Planning and organizational skills, test-taking strategies, time management, & task completion skills

We work with students with ADHD, learning disorders, anxiety, executive functioning disorder, ASD, etc.

School-Based Services

We offer short- and long-term contracts for speech therapy services

Over 20 years of experience working with students in grades K-12


Experienced in performing evaluations, writing reports, providing push-in and pull-out services, IEP meetings, and RTI interventions


“Since receiving guidance from Seacoast Speech & Language, LLC, my test scores have increased significantly. I couldn’t be happier with the personalized service that Seacoast Speech & Language, LLC provided. It was an extremely positive experience.” 

—  Avery Smith, Student