•  Comprehensive evaluations for speech, language, executive functioning, literacy, and social skills

  • Speech and language therapy 

  • Executive function skills therapy

  • Social cognitive skills therapy

  • Evaluations and therapy provided in a clinic setting

  • Services can be delivered within the school setting when available

  • Collaboration with other professionals

  • IEP consultation and navigation

  • Temporary or long-term SLP contract services 

Disorders Treated
  • Articulation Disorders

  • Phonological Disorders

  • Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders

  • Specific Language Impairment

  • Dyslexia/Reading Intervention

  • Specific Learning Disability

  • ADHD & Executive Functioning

  • Fluency - Stuttering

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Social Communication/Pragmatic Disorders

  • Cognitive Delays


Therapy is provided in a clinic-based setting. I work with clients and families to build trusting and collaborative relationships and always encourage parents to be a part of our sessions. 


If your child is currently in an IEP, I am here to offer extra support in working towards educational goals and objectives. Through collaboration with your school-based team to using your child's homework in our therapy, we can ensure carryover of skills outside of the therapy sessions. 


Evaluations include both standardized test measures, as well as parent and client interview, file reviews from previous testing or therapy, screenings, language samples, and home and/or school observations

Following the evaluation, you will receive a comprehensive report with the evaluation results, summary, and recommendations. We will use the evaluation to guide the development of a personalized therapy plan, goals, and objectives.